What is flagella?

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Flagella are microscopic hair-like structures involved in the locomotion of a cell. The word “flagellum” means “whip”. The flagella have a whip-like appearance that helps to propel a cell through the liquid. Some special flagella are used in feworganisms as sensory organs that can sense changes in pH and temperature.

What cells have an envelope?

  1. The cell envelope comprises the inner cell membrane and the cell wall of abacterium. ...
  2. Bacterial cell envelopes fall into two major categories: a gram-positive type and a gram-negative type, distinguished by Gram staining.

What is the function of trna? Transfer ribonucleic acid (tRNA) is a type of RNA molecule that helps decode a messenger RNA (mRNA) sequence into a protein. tRNAs function at specific sites in the ribosome during translation, which is a process that synthesizes a protein from an mRNA molecule.

What type of organism uses flagella? Flagella, characteristic of theprotozoan group MastigophoraMastigophoraA flagellate is a cell or organism with one or more whip-like appendages called flagella.