What is in mold resistant drywall?

Asked by Irma Warden on September 14, 2021

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The chief innovation in mold-resistant drywall is the substitution of fiberglass mat for the paper facing used in traditional drywall. In addition to mold-resistant drywall, greenboard is often used in bathrooms and showers as a mold-preventative building material.

Do I need mold resistant drywall in bathroom? Installing moisture resistant drywall in the bathroom can help prevent growth of mold. If you need to replace your drywall after water damage or mold issue, it would be a good idea to replace it with moisture-resistant drywall. Cost of drywall. Regular drywall will not protect your property from water and mold damage.

What color is mold resistant drywall? Green. Green drywall is a type of drywall that's mold resistant and is used in applications where moisture canbe an issue—so most commonly, bathrooms.

Do I need special drywall in bathroom? You can hang drywall in the bathroom but not the same type that you hang in the rest of the house. Bathroom drywall must be moisture-resistant, and it's colored green to distinguish it from the regular variety. It isn't appropriate for areas that actually get wet, however, such as shower and tubsurrounds.

Can I paint over mold? When you paint over mold, you're not getting rid of a problem, you're hiding it. Painting over mold does not fix the source of the mold (water leak, flood, etc.) and will only make the problem worse. If mold is painted over, it will continue togrow.