What is JMX used for?

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Java Management Extensions (JMX) is a Java technology that supplies tools for managing and monitoring applications, systemobjects, devices (such as printers) and service-oriented networks. Those resources are represented by objects called MBeans (for Managed Bean).

What is JMX in Tomcat? JMX (Java Management Extension) is a very powerful technology, which lets you administer, monitor and configure Tomcat MBeans. If you are a Tomcat administrator, then you should be familiar with how to enable JMX in tomcat to monitor Heap Memory, Threads, CPU Usage, Classes, and configure various-MBeans.

What is a JMX agent? A Java Management Extensions (JMX) agent is a management entity that runs in a Java Virtual Machine (Java VM) and acts-as the liaison between the MBeans and the management application. The various components of a JMX agent are outlined in the following sections: "MBean Server"

How do you expose a JMX port? To open the JMX port on the remote JVM, you must enter the port number to use for the JMX RMI connection. Be sure to specify an unused port number. From a command line, go to the bin directory in the <JRE_HOME> directory that contains theJava Runtime Environment (JRE) implementation, for example jre/bin.