What is stack 100h in assembly language?

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STACK 100h : is a segment directive which defines 100h words as program STACK. The linker sets the values of SS and SP.S DATA : is a segment directive, followed by one or more data allocation directives to define the variable and constant used by program. The identifier is the place where theprogram to start to run.

What is mov ax @data in assembly language? MOV AX,@DATA is the first line of code that gets run. MOV DS,AX will then set that memory location as the variable DS which is a standard variable (or register in this case) for 8086assembly.

What is emu8086? Emu8086 is an 8086 microprocessor emulator and disassembler. It permit to assemble, emulate and debug 8086 programs (16bit/DOS). Although this program was made for Windows, it works fine on GNU/Linux (with the help ofWine).

What is assembly section? Assembly Section Drawing of the Disc Assembly.The section view portrays the three parts that fit snugly together. Common practice with assembly sections is to alternate the direction and angle of the cross-hatch lines to clearly differentiatethe individual parts of the assembly.

What is .data Assembly? data section and the .The . data section is used todeclare the memory region, where data elements are stored for the program. This section cannot be expanded after the data elements are declared, and it remains static throughout the program.