What is the Buddhist pilgrimage called?

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Bodh Gaya: (in the current Mahabodhi Temple, Bihar, India), is the most important religious site and place of pilgrimage, the Mahabodhi Temple houses what is believed to be the Bodhi Tree where the Buddha realized enlightenment and_Buddhahood.

Who founded Buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama

What does the Buddhism symbol mean? One of the most popular symbols isthe Dharmachakra, or eight-spoked wheel, which represents the Buddha and Buddhism. Stupas, architectural mountain-shaped monuments, symbolize Buddha's enlightened mind, while footprints or the swastika symbolize his presence. Animals are also important symbols in Buddhism.

Why do Buddhist make offerings? In Buddhism, symbolic offerings are made to the Triple Gem, giving riseto contemplative gratitude and inspiration. Within the traditional Buddhist framework of karma and rebirth, offerings lead to the accumulation of merit, which leads to: a better rebirth in the cycle of birth and death (Pali: vattagamini-kusala)

Which is the most important Buddhist pilgrimage Centre in the world? Bodh Gaya