What is the climax in Fever 1793?

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The climax of the plot occurs when Mattie has recovered from the fever and returned to the city with her grandfather. Her grandfather is killed in a struggle with the thief, and Mattie is left truly alone. This event forces her to take charge and grow up quickly.

What is the theme of Fever 1793? The central theme of Fever 1793 is the nature and human survival against a large-scale disaster. The story goes around the numerous decisions that many people take in the city of Philadelphia, revealing the darkest facet of human behavior when it comes to-survival.

Who is the narrator of Fever 1793? Matilda Cook

Is Fever 1793 historical fiction? Fever, 1793 is a YA historical novel by American author Laurie Halse Anderson, published in 2000. Set in late colonial Philadelphia and based on true events, the story follows fourteen-year-old Mattie Cook as the city she lives in falls prey to a deadly outbreak of yellowfever.