What is the CPCS?

Asked by Carla Smith on September 08, 2021

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Certified provider credentialing specialists (CPCS) are responsible for maintaining regulations in healthcare settings, credentialing physicians and other healthcare providers, and maintaining a database and reports of verificationinformation.

How do you get a CPCS? To get this card you need to:

  1. provide proof of achievement of the SVQ or NVQ for the category being applied for to the CPCS Test Centre.
  2. pass the_relevant CITB health, safety and environment test.
  3. achieve the CPCS theory test (within two years of the CITB health, safety and environment test)

How much does CSCS card cost? The standard fee for a CSCS card is £36 and the Health, Safety andEnvironment (HS&E) test costs £21.

What is the difference between a credentialing specialist and a credentialing coordinator? The difference between a credentialing coordinator and a credentialing specialist is one of seniority. However,a credentialing specialist is often a more advanced position, requiring extra certification, such as a specialist certification from the National Association of Medical Staff Services.

How much do credentialing managers make? The average salary fora Credentialing Manager is $56,445 per year in the United States.