What is the difference between Type 11 and Type 22 radiator?

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K1 also known as Type 11, is a type of radiator with 1 radiator panel and 1 set of convection fins. K2 also known as Type 22, is a type of radiator with 2 radiator panels and 2 sets of convection fins. K3 also known as Type 33, is a type of radiator with 3 radiator panels and 3 sets of convectionfins.

How do I know what kind of radiator I have? Examine a radiator to tell the difference between steam and hot water heat.

  1. Examine the construction of the radiator.
  2. Look for the pipes that connect to the radiator.
  3. Notice the temperature of the radiator when the boiler is full of hot water or steam.
  4. Find the air vent.
  5. Listen for operational noises from the radiators.

Is it safe to dry clothes on radiator? 'Yes – drying_clothes on radiators makes your boiler work harder than it needs to. This is because the clothes can prevent heat from being released, so your boiler uses more energy (and money) to keep the whole room warm.'The extra moisture in the air also means that it takes more energy to heat the whole room.

Which is better baseboard or radiators? As their name implies, radiators deliver heat in the form of radiant energy. In other words, the energy from a radiator travels through the air without heating the air until it strikes a solid object. Baseboard convectors, astheir name implies, convey heat from hot water to air by means of convection.