What is the hardness of breccia?

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What are the five characteristics of sedimentary rocks? Page 1

  • Characteristics of Sedimentary. Rocks.
  • • Deposited at theearth's surface by wind,
  • Types of Sedimentary Rock.
  • • Clastic: made up of CLASTS (broken-off.
  • – Examples: sandstone, siltstone, conglomerate.
  • • Chemical/Biochemical: deposited by inorganic.
  • – Examples: limestone, chert.
  • Weathering.

Is breccia detrital or chemical?_Detrital sedimentary rocks are mainly classified by the size of their grain. If you have rock that contains grains larger than sand, you have conglomerate if it contains large rounded grains and breccia if it contains angular grains. Chemical sedimentary rocks are composed of mineral crystals that form out of solution.

What can scratch a diamond? A diamond can scratch other gems but it can only be cut or scratched by itself. People scratch them by tossing them into jewelry boxes or putting them in bags with other diamonds which is hardtoo.

Is ice harder than steel? In our common sense, iron is undoubtedly more than 100 times as hard as ice, but it is not so simple. Under certain conditions, ice is harder than steel. Because the temperature is too low, the ice cover on Pluto is harder than that on theearth.