What is the hole in a framing square for?

Asked by Eula Calhoun on November 17, 2021

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The hole in the framing square should be placed in the tongue (the shorter, thinner part) of the square, so that when hung the blade (the longer, thicker side) will hang plumb or vertical, and the blade will be level or horizontal. Thus the square can be used to check your construction for Plumb or Level.

What is the purpose of a framing square? Also known as a steel square, the Johnson framing square is a handy tool for carpentry. Its uses extend into framing and laying rafters and stairs. It can also be used as astraight-edge, finding and establishing right angles and marking cut-off work on widestock.

Is a rafter square the same as a speed square? Speed Square is actually a trademarked name, but like Kleenex, it is often used as the generic name for this class of tool. Stanley's similar tool is called a Quick Square and Irwin's is simply called the RafterSquare.

How do I calculate rise and run for stairs? Total Run [G] - The Total Run is the horizontal length of a stair stringer. It is equal to the number of treads multiplied by the typical Tread Depth [B]. Risers - the Step Height [F] is the typical height of each step. Code states that this should not be greater than 7 3/4 inches (194_mm).