What is the point of Citizen Kane?

Asked by Robert Tu on September 10, 2021

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Some of the points are made by the people questioned; some are made in what there is of story as it moves over the years from back to front; but the main point is that Citizen Kane wanted love from the world and went to most of his fantastic extremes to get it, yet never had any love of his own to give.

Is Citizen Kane the best movie ever? 'Citizen Kane' Still the Best American Movie Ever, According to BBC Critics Poll. Unlikethe most recent Sight & Sound poll, which named “Vertigo” the greatest movie of all time, “Citizen Kane” reigns again here, leading a top ten that includes “The Godfather,” “Vertigo,” “2001” and “The Searchers.”

What is pulp fiction writing? The term pulp derives from thecheap wood pulp paper on which the magazines were printed. The pulps gave rise to the term pulp fiction in reference to run-of-the-mill, low-quality literature. Pulps were the successors to the penny dreadfuls, dime novels, and short-fiction magazines of the 19th century.

What movies were influenced by Citizen Kane? Highlighted films

  • 1958. Touch of Evil.
  • 1966. A Man for All Seasons.
  • 1941. Citizen Kane.
  • 1942. The Magnificent Ambersons.