What is the point of Sonos?

Asked by Martin Singleton on November 17, 2021

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Sonos is a smart, connected, wireless speaker system for your home or office. And a lot more! From small speakers to large, connected hubs to connected amps, soundbars to sub woofers, [Sonos](/./sonos] makes wireless, connected speakers for all kinds of people and all kinds of-environments.

Do vintage speakers sound better? A good quality well engineered vintage speaker will sound better than many cheaper modern speakers. Large vintage speakers turned into slim floorstanders of today mainly because of the influence of HT and dual purpose stereos.

Why are Sonos speakers so good? It supports the ability to play different tracks in various parts of the home, sync them together and control them all from your phone. Simply put, Sonos gives customers choices of high-end audio and a range of sleek speakers that canfit in just about any room.

Do Sonos speakers sound good? Sonos is capable of passing uncompressed, lossless audio and some of the "Zones" have digital outputs. So the sound quality has great potential if you hook up the right speakers andamplification. The units with built-in amplified speakers are above average for consumer gear but not spectacular.