What is Westlaw used for?

Asked by Mark Owen on September 13, 2021

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Westlaw is an online legal research service for lawyers and legal professionals in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, and is a product of Thomson Reuters. In addition, it provides proprietary database services.

What is Westlaw edge? Thursday, Thomson Reuters launched Westlaw Edge, an updated, artificial intelligence-assisted legal research platform. The updates include new warnings for invalid or questionable law, litigation analytics, a tool to analyze statutory changes and an improved AI-enhanced search called WestSearch_Plus.

How much does Westlaw cost? If you choose only 50 state coverage without specialized treatises and report to Westlaw that your two-lawyer firm specializes in civil litigation, Westlaw will charge you $730 per month. The prices goes up to $859 per month for a one-year subscription with a 7% annual increase baked in.

How much does it cost to use Westlaw? Westlaw Features

Starting Cost $75/user/month
Free Trial
Apps Web iOS
US State Cases All 50 States