What material accounts for flexibility of bone?

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Collagen gives bone its flexibility whereas the addition of mineral to the collagen network provides bone its stiffness. Without the addition of mineral-to-collagen bone tissue would be very flexible, with properties similar to a rubber band.

What qualities do the following give to bone calcium? Calcium and bones.The mineral calcium helps your muscles, nerves, and cells work normally. Your body also needs calcium (as well as phosphorus) to make healthy bones. Bones are the main storage site of calcium in the body.

What is a periosteum? The periosteum is amembrane that covers the outer surface of all bones, except at the joints of long bones. Endosteum lines the inner surface of the medullary cavity of all long bones.

What provides bones with flexibility and tensile strength quizlet? The hardness of bone is due to crystallized inorganic mineral salts such as calcium phosphate. The flexibility and tensile strength of bone are due to organic molecules such as collagen fibers.

How do you make your bones flexible? Healthy bones Keep-You Strong and Flexible

  1. Participate in 30 minutes of physical activity like weight-bearing exercise each day.
  2. Include calcium-rich foods in your daily diet.
  3. Boost your intake of bone supporting nutrients.