What percentage of the nba is black?

Asked by Lisa Font on September 03, 2021

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According to racial equality activist Richard Lapchick, the NBA in 2020 was composed of 74.2 percent black players, 16.9 percent white players, 2.2 percent Latino players of any race, and 0.4 percent Asian players. There were 6.3 percent of theplayers classified as "other" races.

Who was the 1st black nba player? becomes first Black player in theNBA On October 31, 1950, 21-year-old Earl Lloyd becomes the first African American to play in an NBA game when he takes the court in the season opener for the Washington Capitols.

What is the blackest city in the united states? Cities with the highest percentage of African American people

Rank City Percentage of African Americans Total African Americans
1 Detroit, MI 82.7 670,226
2 Gary, IN 80.92 75,282
4 Chester, PA 77.8 26,429
5 Miami Gardens, FL 76.3 81,776
Aug 29 2021

When was the first black nba player? African Americans first appeared in the NBA in 1950. Chuck Cooper was the first black player drafted in the NBA. On April 26, 1950, Harold Hunter signed with the Washington Capitols, becoming the first African American to sign a contract with any NBA team in history.