What size is a GLS bulb?

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GLS 70W BC/ B22Rated Life of 2000 hours. 70 watts rated equivalent to a 100 watt traditional filament incandescent bulb. Dimensions : Length 96mm andDiameter 54mm.

What is a b22 GLS bulb? 22mm Bayonet Cap GLS Light Bulbs Available as Incandescent and LED. BC: Quite simply, this is the abbreviation for Bayonet Cap and is in reference to the type of fitting the bulb has. B22: This is exactly the same as BC but the width is also indicated, B for Bayonet and 22 for the width of the cap inmillimeters.

What is the full form of GLS?

GLS Generalized Least Squares Academic & Science » Mathematics Rate it:
GLS Scholes Field, Galveston, Texas USA Regional » Airport Codes Rate it:
GLS Grand Luxury Sport Sports Rate it:
GLS General Lighting Service Miscellaneous » Unclassified Rate it:
GLS General Logistics Systems Business » Logistics Rate it:

What is 28 watt halogen? Wattage to Brightness Comparison

Incandescent Bulb Wattage Equivalent Halogen Bulb Wattage Equivalent CFL Bulb Wattage
40 W (~460 lm) 28 W 7 W
60 W (~830 lm) 45 W 13 W
75 W (~1100 lm) 56 W 18 W
100 W (~1800 lm) 80 W 28 W