What were the powers of the Confederation Congress?

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Congress claimed the following powers: to make war and peace; conduct foreign affairs; request men and money from the states; coin and borrow money; regulate Indian affairs; and settle disputes among thestates.

What is the correct definition of the Articles of Confederation? Articles of Confederation. An agreement among the thirteen original states, approved in 1781, that provided a loose federal government before the present Constitution went into effect in 1789. There was no chief executive or judiciary, andthe legislature of the Confederation had no authority to collect taxes.

Why did it take so long to ratify the Articles of Confederation? Answer and Explanation: The smaller states wanted all excessive land claims handed over to Congress instead of remaining with the originalstates.

What were the main points of the Articles of Confederation? Three main points for Congress to debate existed in this new document: the apportionment of taxes according to the population. the granting of 1 vote per state. the right of the federal government to dispose of public lands in theWest.