What wire is used for armature?

Asked by Ray Diego on December 28, 2021

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An armature is often made of heavy, dark aluminium wire which is stiff, but can be bent and twisted into shape without much difficulty. The wire is affixed to a base which is usually made of wood. The artist then begins fleshing out the sculpture by adding wax or clay over thewire.

How do you needle felt with armature wire? Using your felting needle on a wire armature – hitting the wire with your felting needle can easily break the needle. Felt gently, using as coarse a needle as you can. For very thin legs etc, hold your needle so it is almost parallel with the wire and stab sideways up and down the leg rather than straight intoit.

Can you use aluminum wire to solder? Answer: Soldering to aluminum is very difficult and quite different than soldering to copper or solder coated surfaces. You can use existing tin/lead solders and lead-free solders to do this soldering. If the product is new, or was built after 2008, then the lead-free solder is a must todo this work.

What is the use of armature? The main role of an armature is multi purposed. The primary role is to transmit current across the field, therefore generating shaft torque within an active machine otherwise strength in alinear machine. The second role of an armature is to produce an EMF (electromotive force).

Can an armature be repaired? Commutators. This fault canusually be repaired without rewinding the armature by turning the commutator brush surface down below the damage and then undercutting the insulation between the commutator segments.