When should I prune my Japonica?

Asked by Michael Kennon on November 06, 2021

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Prune your Japanese pieris immediately after the blossoms fade, generally around April. The shrub sets its dramatic flowerbuds just after flowering, so late pruning will reduce next year's flower quantity.

Why is my castor oil plant going yellow? It likes, at best, a few hours of sunlight in the morning. Older leaves will naturally droop and turn yellow before they fall off, but if the whole plant is a pale colour it is suffering. It also hates drying winds. You can easily rectify the problem as it's a tough plant.

How quickly does fatsia japonica grow? Fatsia grows at a moderate to fast rate (8 to 12 inches per year) depending on growing conditions. Growth will be slower in full sun and dry soil, and faster in shade with rich, moistsoil.

What is Group 2 pruning?Group 2: As these shrubs produce blooms on strong young growth, it's important to prune flowered stems back to fresh new shoots. The RHS also recommends pruning 20% of old growth back to almost ground level every year. Group 5: Cut back all stems to ground level to encourage a flush of new growth.