When was the first sonnet written?

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It is 14 lines long and is written in rhyme. The sonnet first appeared in Italy during the Middle Ages and was widely used during the Renaissance. The first poet known for his sonnets is Giacomo da Lentini who lived in the 13th century. After him many poets started writingsonnets.

Who introduced petrarchan sonnet? Sir Thomas Wyatt

What is a Volta in poetry? Volta. Italian word for “turn.” In a sonnet, the volta is the turn of thought or argument: in Petrarchan or Italian sonnets it occurs between the octave and the sestet, and in Shakespearean or English before the finalcouplet.

What is a sonnet made up of? The sonnets are constructed with three quatrains (four-line stanzas) andone couplet (two lines) in the meter of iambic pentameter (like his plays).