When was thon started?

Asked by Floyd Moore on September 19, 2021

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OUR HISTORY. THON was first organized in 1973 by a group of students seeking an opportunity to-give back to their community. This idea has since grown into the largest student-run philanthropy in the world: THON.

How many hours is Penn State Thon? 46

What are the four diamonds of Thon? The fund was created 41 years ago when a boy named Christopher Millard wrote a story about a knight who had to collect four diamonds (courage, honesty, wisdom and strength) in order to defeat an evil sorceress. The story is a metaphor for Chris's battle with pediatric cancer, and the fund was created in his honor.

Is Thon a Scrabble word? THON is a valid scrabble word.

When was the first Penn State Thon? 1973