Where are furnaces used?

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Share: Furnaces are devices that generate heat in a controlled manner through the combustion of a fuel source. The thermal energy is then used to heat spaces such as rooms, buildings, or other structures. Other furnaces may be used in commercial and industrial settings for the processing ofmaterials.

What type of furnace is best? Here's aquick roundup of some of the best furnace brands on the market today:

  • American Standard Furnaces. American Standard furnaces units are one of the most reliable brands in the business.
  • Amana Gas Furnace Units.
  • Bryant Furnaces.
  • Carrier Furnaces.
  • Daikin Furnaces.
  • Goodman Gas Furnaces.
  • Lennox Furnaces.
  • Rheem Furnaces.

What efficiency furnace should I buy? A standard efficiency furnace provides 80% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). In this type of furnace, 20% of the energy produced by natural gas is expelled as exhaust. These days, 95% AFUE is a common rating among new gas-powered furnaces. So a95% furnace is more efficient than an 80% furnace.

How long does a furnace last? Average Furnace LifespanWhile some furnaces can last over 40 years (extremely rare), the average lifespan of a typical gas furnace is around 15-30 years. As long as you have scheduled yearly furnace maintenance, your furnace should easily last over 15 years.

Do I have an electric or gas furnace? Check the front of the heating unit to determine whether it is powered by gas or electric. A gas heat exchanger uses a burner to produce heat. There is a small window on the front of the heater where you can see a blue flame glowing. You can also hear the noise of the gas burner.