Where do eggplants come from?

Asked by Anna Morgan on November 20, 2021

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Where is eggplant grown in the United States? The majority of eggplant production is located in South Jersey, especially Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem and Atlantic counties, and smaller production sites are also located in Monmouth and Burlington counties. Production is mainly for wholesale shipment to the eastern U.S.and Canada, depending on thetime of year.

Should you prune eggplants? Prune periodically throughout the growing season and severely if fruit production drops off for a new flush of leaves andblossoms.

  1. Prune staked eggplant to three branches using hand shears.
  2. Remove all suckers.
  3. Clip off lower leaflets from the main branch after the eggplant begins to flower.

Which vegetable is known as eggplant? The eggplant, aubergine, melongene, brinjal or guinea squash is aplant of the family Solanaceae. Eggplant is grown for its usually egg-shaped fleshy fruit and is eaten as a cooked vegetable.

What season does eggplant grow in? Eggplants—also known as aubergine or brinjal—are warm-weather vegetables that are harvested in mid- to late summer. See how to plant, grow, harvest, and cook these lovely deep-purple crops—one of our favorite grilling vegetables! E