Where do I enter Hardly Strictly?

Asked by Shirley Clayton on November 02, 2021

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[enter at 30th Ave. between Geary & Anza] and at 750 Cabrillo [between Balboa and Cabrillo] More info » Argonne 680 18th Ave. [enter at Cabrillo between 17th Ave.

Who is at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass? The lineup for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2019 festival features former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant, performing his final tour date with his band the Sensational Shape Shifters; country music icon Tanya Tucker; singer Judy Collins;indie-rockers Kurt Vile & the Violators and the New Pornographers; Americana

How do I get to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass from Bart? Enter at 19th Avenue and Lincoln Avenue and cross over on Transverse Drive to Speedway Meadows. Or to catch a-bus: From Powell Street Station, go upstairs to Market Street, take Muni Bus #5 to 25th Avenue and Fulton Street. Enter the Park at 30th Avenue and Fulton Street and enter straight into Lindley Meadow.

Why is it called bluegrass? Kentucky Bluegrass is not named for its leaves because they're always green. The Kentucky part of Kentucky Bluegrass came about as a result of Europeans naming the northern part of modern-day Kentucky the Bluegrass Region, because of the huge meadows-of blue-flowered grass that grew there.