Where is memory encoded?

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Baddeley's model of working memory states that visual information is stored in the visuo-spatial sketchpad. The amygdala is a complex structure that has an important role in visual encoding.

What is an example of decoding? Decoding is the process of turning communication into thoughts. For example, you may realize you're hungryand encode the following message to send to your roommate: “I'm hungry.

What is the capacity of short term memory? Short-term memory has a fairly limited capacity; it can hold about seven items for no more than 20 or 30 seconds at a time. You may be able to increase this capacity somewhat by using various memory strategies. For example, a ten-digit number such as8005840392 may be too much for your short-term memory to hold.

What is semantic encoding? Semantic encoding is a specific type of encoding in which the meaningof something (a word, phrase, picture, event, whatever) is encoded as opposed to the sound or vision of it. Research suggests that we have better memory for things we associate meaning to and store using semantic encoding.