Where is the smoke coming from in Spokane today?

Asked by Douglas Baldwin on September 11, 2021

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The smoke is coming from the Williams Flats Fire burning on the Colville Reservation near LakeRoosevelt.

Where is Oregon fire? The NOA fire region includes the fire districts of: Tillamook, Astoria, Forest Grove, West Oregon, and North Cascade. The fires in this region accounted for a total of 2168.88 acres of burned land. In 2017 the Oregon Department of Forestry had 45,681.5 acres of land burned in theirforests.

Are there fires in Oregon right now? Currently, no active large fires in Oregon andWashington.

Where is the smoke in Medford coming from? Weygard said the Medford-area smoke is coming from the_Taylor and Klondike fires in Josephine County.

Is there smoke in the air? Particles. Most smoke is a mix of very small liquid droplets and solid particles that become suspended in the air and can remain airborne for up to a_week.