Which animals have a closed circulatory system?

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That's why larger animals often have closed systems, which are common among birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and some invertebrates. Even earthworms andhumans have closed circulatory systems.

What is a closed circulatory system? In a closed circulatory system, the blood leaves the heart, travels in a closed circuit circle and re-enters the heart. In comparison, in an open circulatory system, blood leaves the heart through open-ended vessels and more passively flows back to the-heart.

What is open and closed circulatory system? In open circulatory system, the blood vessels open into spaces and not into capillaries, so that blood comes in direct contact with tissues. Whereas in closed circulatory system, blood flows through capillaries connected by arteries andveins.

What is the function of the circulatory system in animals? In most animals, the circulatory system is used to transport blood through the body. Some primitive animals use diffusion for the exchange of water, nutrients, and gases. However, complex organisms use the circulatory system to carry gases, nutrients, and-waste through the body.