Which country has the lowest number of doctors?

Asked by Ericka White on September 09, 2021

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As of that year, Niger was one of the countries with the-lowest number of physicians per inhabitants.

What is the doctor patient ratio in USA? Demographics. While an impending "doctor shortage" has been reported, from 2010 to 2016, the actively licensed U.S.physician-to-population ratio increased from 277 to 295 physicians per 100,000people.

Are doctors respected in USA? Doctors are respected because they provide services that people value highly, they have a university degree which is difficult to obtain and they are well paid. Doctors help people in their time of need, andoften save people from death.

What race are most doctors? Race & Ethnicity69.8% of Physicians & surgeons are White, making that the most common race or ethnicity in the occupation. Representing 21.1% of Physicians & surgeons, Asian is the second most common race or ethnicity in thisoccupation.