Which side of iron on vinyl goes down on Cricut?

Asked by Ralph Rich on September 15, 2021

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In many, if not most, iron-on vinyls, the vinyl side is matte and the carrier side is shiny. That's why they say to cut it shiny or glossy side down on your mat.

Do you cut iron on vinyl shiny side down? Place HTV Glossy Side Down and Matte Side UpThe shiny side of the material is the clear carrier. The carrier holds the heat transfer vinyl pieces in place so they're always properly aligned. The carrier side goes face down on thecutting mat because we need it to stay intact for heat application.

Do you cut HTV shiny side up or down? When placing the HTV on the cutting mat, you place the shiny side down on the mat and the dull side should be facing up._This is the side that will actually adhere to the item you are applying to.

Is heat transfer vinyl the same as iron on? Iron-on vinyl is a vinyl that uses heat and pressure to adhere tofabric or wood. Iron-on vinyl is also known as heat transfer vinyl for this very reason. Iron-on vinyl comes in a variety of colors, finishes, and sizes. Any iron-on vinyl ordered from Cricut will arrive on a roll.

How do you cut glitter heat transfer vinyl with a Cricut? Cutting Glitter Iron-On with a Cricut Machine

  1. Place iron-on sheet, shiny liner side down, onto StandardGrip Mat.
  2. Adjust your machine settings according to the Iron-On Kiss Cut Guide below (a kiss cut goes through the iron-on film and leaves the liner intact).
  3. Select and size the image(s) you want to cut.