Which type of mail offers two to three day service to most domestic destinations and must weigh less than 70 pounds?

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Priority Mail

How much does express mail cost? Priority Mail Express Flat Rate® lets you ship packages up to 70 lbs toany state at the same price. Mail from Post Office locations or from your home or business with Click-N-Ship®. Prices start at $26.35.

How do you send express mail? How to Send USPS Priority Mail Express

  1. Determine if USPS ExpressMail will meet your mailing needs.
  2. Get your Priority Mail Express supplies.
  3. Consider your insurance needs.
  4. Complete an ExpressMail label.
  5. Prepare your ExpressMail.
  6. 6. Mail your Priority Mail Express.
  7. Check yourPriority Mail Express charges.

What is it called when patients with the same condition's meet in a group setting? Patients with the same condition(s) meeting in agroup setting is called. Shared medical appointments.

Will the post office put stamps on for you? Question: Can you request the post office to put stamps on for youYou can…but you really don't need to. It costs the same as a stamp andthey have no problems with doing it. They can also sell you pre-stamped envelopes which cost 10 cents more than a stamp, but which can be used at any time to send mail.