Who is Gert in the power of one?

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Gert, an Afrikaner who does not speak English, cannot understand Doc andPeekay's conversation. Doc tells Peekay that he does not want to give the concert-he has not performed for sixteen years. However, the prison warders will not allow Peekay to visit him if he refuses.

How did big Hettie die? Hettie also tells Peekay about her love affair with a flyweight, who used to-beat her up because he could not beat up his opponents. He died of a brain hemorrhage, during a match.

Is peekay English? Plot Overview. The novel traces the adventures of Peekay, anEnglish-speaking South African boy, from age five to age seventeen, from the year 1939 to 1951.

Does Gert have powers? Powers and abilitiesGert has no physical powers, but a mental link with Old Lace. Old Lace makes her first appearance after being discovered in a secret compartment in Gert's basement.