Who produced Yellow Submarine?

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What instruments are used in Yellow Submarine?

  • Recorded: February 11, 1968 at Abbey Road, London, England.
  • Instrumentation: John Lennon - lead vocal, piano, lead guitar. Paul McCartney - bass guitar, harmony vocal. George Harrison - lead guitar, tambourine. Ringo Starr - drums.

Is the yellow submarine on Netflix? Thirteen episodes streaming on Netflix. The Beatles don't actually provide their own voices in the animated psychedelic fairy tale "Yellow Submarine" (1968, G) but they contribute songs and-a brief personal appearance at the end of the film. Streaming on Netflix.

Why are the Beatles timeless? * There is also various other reason why Beatles songs become timeless that is because they weren't just about rock n roll. They created songs in every sub-genre of rock from Hard rock/Metal to Art rock to Blues, they did everything. They were geniuses indeed.

Is Yellow Submarine a good song? It's a good commercial single.” Ringo added: “It was made originally just for the LP. But then, Brian and our recording manager, and people like that, were talking to us and they thought that 'Yellow Submarine' was commercial and-they wanted to release it as a single.”