Who shifted capital to Daulatabad?

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What was the consequence of Muhammad bin Tughlaq project of shifting hiscapital? Consequences : In the absence of the sultan, Delhi was now exposed to renewed attacks by the Mongols. Realizing his folly, Muhammad bin Tughlaq shifted his capital backto Delhi after 2 years. The people were ordered to return. The suffering and mental agony caused great resentment.

Why did Diwan I Kohi fail in its purpose? To increase production and bring more land under cultivation, he appointed an official called Diwan-i-amir-i-Koh and tasked him to bring under cultivation a 100*100 sq km area. The scheme failed due to low fertility of soil, corruption, embezzlement of funds, bad management and lack of attention from the Sultan.

Was Muhammad bin Tughlaq a mad tyrant or a visionary ruler? Originally Answered: Was Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq a mad tyrant or a visionary ruler? He was a combination of contradictions. His introduction of leather currencyin place of coins was a step much ahead of his time.