Who was Jean Valjean on Broadway?

Asked by Anna Spannaus on September 06, 2021

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Main performers

Colm Wilkinson Jean Valjean Original London Cast Original Broadway Cast
Michael Maguire Enjolras Original Broadway Cast
Judy Kuhn Cosette Original Broadway Cast
Anthony Crivello Grantaire Original Broadway Cast
Adam Searles Gavroche

Who adapted Les Miserables for thestage? 1995, Les Misérables, adapted by Monica Kulling for the Bullseye Step Into Classics series. 2001, French author François Cérésa wrote two sequels, Cosette or the Time of Illusions andMarius or The Fugitive.

Why is it called Les Miserables? The literal meaning of les miserables is "the miserable ones." The characters are french andthe book is centered around their lives. The time period is the early 1800's. The main character is known as Jean Valjean. He is an ex-convict who is struggling with sorting his life out.

Who originated Jean Valjean? C. T.Wilkinson

What does Fantine die of? Fantine died of consumption, but that is the same diseasewe today call tuberculosis. The film you are referring to, and also the musical, are all based on the classic novel written by Victor Hugo. In that novel, it is clear that Fantine dies of the disease known at that time as “consumption.”