Who was the greatest ruler of Kushan dynasty?

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What were the achievements of Kanishka? He is famous forhis military, political, and spiritual achievements. He was a Kushan of probable Yuezhi ethnicity. Kanishka was a great conqueror and a successful warrior. Kanishka led various expeditions and was offered loyalty by The Saka Satraps in Gujrat and Malwa in Rajputana.

Why is Kanishka famous in Indian history? Kanishka the great was the emperor of the mishandled dynasty in the second century 127_150 . he is famous for his military political and spiritual achievements. his conquest and patronage of Buddhism played an important role from gandhara across the_karakoram range to China.

Who was the great scholar of time of Kanishka? Some of the scholars in the Court of Kanishka were Parsva, Vasumitra, Asvaghosa, Nagarjuna, Charaka and Mathara. Charaka has been called the Court Physician of Kanishka, though it is very much disputed. Sushruta who wrote Sushruta Samhita has also been connected toKanishka.

Why is Kanishka famous? Kanishka was the king of Kushan Empire in Central Asia. He was the third king of Kushan Dynasty. He was very famous for his military, political and spiritual achievements. The King was the successor of Vima Kadphises and the administration was very impressive among the genealogy of the Kushan Kings.