Who were the rulers of Athens?

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Ancient Greece and Macedon: Rulers_

  • Draco, Athenian politician (c.
  • Solon, chief magistrate of Athens (594–546 B.C.)
  • Pisistratus, tyrant of Athens (605?
  • Hippias, tyrant of Athens (527–510 B.C.)
  • Hipparchus, tyrant of Athens (c.
  • Themistocles, Athenian statesman (c.
  • Cimon, Athenian general and statesman (d.
  • Cleisthenes, democratic ruler of Athens (506 B.C.)

Who was the last king of Athens? Codrus

How many kings did Sparta? two kings

Who founded Sparta? Lacedaemon, the son of Zeus, named the region and gave Sparta its name in Greek mythology. Sparta was also an important member of the Greek force which participated in the Trojan War.

How did democracy develop in ancient Greece? Around the fifth century B.C.E., Athens developed democracy. Athens' idea of democracy differed from that of the modern world since all adult citizens were expected to participate in government. All Athenians had the opportunity to vote on new laws when they wereproposed.