Why do I have a debt payment on my Les?

Asked by Amanda Christman on September 19, 2021

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The Remarks section on your LES should tell you what the debt is for. Debt payment (taking your money) usually means you owed for some reason; possibly overpayment of previous check oryou missed a month of training and they were collecting SGLI You can ask your S1.

Do you get Bas If you live on base? BAS is a military pay allotment meant to cover the cost of food. Single service members with meal cards for the dining facility -- typically troops who live in the barracks -- do not receive BAS. Instead, the allotment is given only to troops who live off base or those who receive a "separate rations"_waiver.

How do I pay back DFAS? For all questions regarding this debt payment, please contact DFAS at 866-912-6488. Effective December 4, 2017, customers will no longer be allowedto submit credit card payments to repay "debt" owed to the government via

Why do officers get less bas? Enlisted BAS has historically been intended to cover the full cost of meals for_the service member; officer BAS has not. Long ago, officers were pulled from the upper classes and bought their commissions or came from a well-off family and could afford to buy their own meals.