Why does Calixta marry Bobinot?

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Bobinot and Alcee are both after Calixta for different reasons. Bobinot wants to marry Calixta. Alcee wants tosleep with her Calixta. She prefers Alcee because he looks better and has money.

In what sense does the storm act as a character in the story? The storm functions as an excuse for husbands and wives to be separated. The storm also can be considered symbolic of pent-up desire and the natural power of Calixta's long suppressed yearning for freedom. When the storm comes, it is as if the-usual rules Calixta lives by are suspended.

What is the tone of the storm by Kate Chopin? Chopin's tone is sympathetic to the fact that these women are being forced by society to live lives outsideof what they would strictly prefer, and she is sympathetic too about all the characters' attempts to snatch happiness where they can, even if it may be construed as immoral.

What is the purpose of the Storm by Kate Chopin? In "The Storm" by Kate Chopin, the storm acts an intermediary between Calixta and Alcee. The storm prevents Calixta'shusband from returning home. It also keeps Alcee from leaving Calixta because

What does Calixta do during the storm? First off, she's a proud housekeeper. She works hard to take care of her home: sewing, doing laundry, cleaning, and making coffee and supper. She's super obsessed with keeping the house clean: we can tell that from Bobinôt's worry in Section 4 that heand Bibi will drag mud into the house and that Calixta will be mad.