Why does my AC cycle on and off so much?

Asked by Martha Smith on November 05, 2021

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Like a clogged air filter, low refrigerant can produce excess stress on your AC system and make it work harder. And it also causes overheating, which could lead to the frequent turning on and off. Low refrigerant can cause other major malfunctions as well, preventing your system from properly cooling yourhome.

What is short cycling AC? While the average air conditioning cycle lasts around 20 minutes, sometimes your air conditioning system can go through cycles too quickly—an issue known as “short cycling.” Short cycling is a term that means the air conditioner turns on and off in short bursts and does not heat or cool your houseproperly.

What is considered short cycling? Short-cycling is a term for when anair conditioner shuts down its cooling cycle prematurely, only to start back up again a short time later. If you have noticed that your air conditioner's compressor is turning on and off rapidly, it is probably short-cycling and you need to have it repaired.

What happens if AC runs all day? If eitherthe evaporator or condenser coils are dirty/blocked, your AC will run constantly because either heat isn't being absorbed from your indoor air or the condenser can't dump that heat outside. Things to check for: A visible layer of dust or dirt on the evaporator or condenser coils.

How cool should my house be if it's 100 outside? More specifically, for our area, most systems are designed to lower your indoor temperature about 20°F from the outdoors. So, on days when it's 100°F outside, and your system is running at its peak efficiency, your indoor temperature will likely never maintain a level lower than about 80°F.