Why does my Intex saltwater system keep saying low salt?

Asked by Steve Ye on September 08, 2021

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Low Salt Error Codes. One problem that users have found with Intex saltwater chlorine generators is repetitive Low Salt Level errors – even when salt levels in your water are adequate. This is due to the chlorinator cell building up scale on theelectrical plates. Place your generator cell in this mixture overnight.

Can you use salt water in Intex pools? The INTEX Saltwater System eliminates the problem by using salt, a natural substance, to electrolyze chlorine into the water. Second, natural softened pool water: the level of salt in the pool water is so low that it is not noticeable. There is no salty taste, smell, or cloudiness in the water.

How does a saltwater system work? Saltwater swimming pools draw on dissolved salt in the water to generate chlorine. The salt cell or generator utilizes a process called electrolysis to break downor separate the salt also known as sodium chloride or NaCl in the water. This means a saltwater pool is not actually chlorine free.

When should you replace a salt cell? Most salt chlorine generators have a salt cell that lasts typically from 3 to 5 years, you should check with the manufacturer to double check the life expectancy. Most salt chlorine systems come with a control panel or a self regulating system that will tell you when thecell needs to be cleaned or replaced.

How do I know if my salt cell is working? The easiest way to be certain if the chlorinator is working is to make sure the cell is clean by checking the needle or production lights on the chlorinator box. When operating, you should also see bubbles (hypochloride gas) inside the chamber, producing what looks like cloudy water - that's chlorine being created! T