Why is it important to be physically literate?

Asked by Sun Jackson on September 11, 2021

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Basically, people who have a high degree of physical literacy are able to: Demonstrate motivation and be able to understand, communicate and apply various movements. Performing a variety of movements confidently and competently across a wide range of physical-activities.

What is health literacy and why is it important? Access to care and use of services, self-care, and maintaining health and wellness all require health literacy. Healthcare requires individuals to take on amore active role in making decisions and managing their healthcare.

What is movement literacy? The ability to plan and execute basic motor skills - running, jumping, catching, kicking, and throwing with agility, balance, and coordination - is Movement Literacy. There would be outrage if a child left primary school with the literacy and numeracy skills of a baby. 'Physical literacy' falls into this category.

What are literacy skills? Literacy skills include all the skills needed for reading and writing. Among these are awareness of language sounds, understanding of print, and the relationship between letters and sounds. Vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension are also important literacy skills.