Why the program predictability measure is important?

Asked by Pamela Johnson on October 16, 2021

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Program Predictability Measure. It is important to keep track of the overall predictability of an ART based on the aggregated performance of various teams being expressed in Business Value (BV) Objectives. The Program Predictability Measure metrics shows the comparative analysis of actual BV achieved to planned BV.

When should a component Team be used? A component team is a single component and cross-functional team that focuses on developing one or more components that can be used to develop only a part of an end-customer feature. The components developed by the component team can be reused by other teams to create customer-valuable solutions.

What are three parts to the inspect and adapt workshop? The I&A breaks down into three parts:

  • PI System Demo - Inspect and Adapt the product.
  • Quantitative Measurement - Inspect the process using metrics.
  • Problem-Solving Workshop - Adapt the process.

What is inspect and adapt in Agile? The Inspect and Adapt (I&A) is a significant event, held at the end of each Program Increment (PI), where the current state of the Solution is demonstrated and evaluated by the train. Teams then reflect and identify improvement backlog items via a structured, problem-solving workshop.