Why was Thomas Becket so important?

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Becket became Henry's chancellor – the most important position in England after the king. When the Archbishop of Canterbury died in 1162, Henry saw the chance to give his close friend even more power by appointing him Archbishop of Canterbury – the most important church position inEngland.

What did Henry and Becket argue about? The Becket controversy or Becket dispute was the quarrel between Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket and King Henry II of England from 1163 to 1170. The controversy culminated with Becket's murder in 1170, and was followed by Becket's canonization in 1173 and Henry's public penance at Canterbury in July 1174.

Why did Henry and Becket fall out? The Becket affair occurred after a heated argument between Becket and the King, resulting in Becket being beheaded at Canterbury Cathedral in 1170. Due to Becket being idolised, he was canonised immediately after his murder anddespite Henry II doing penance to Becket's tomb in 1174, his reputation was tarnished.

Why did Becket excommunicate some of the bishops? Thomas Becket. Becket refused to sign the document and fled to France. While in France Becket excommunicated the Bishop of London and the Bishop of Salisbury for siding with the King. In 1170 Becket and Henry met to try to resolve their differences and Becket agreed to return to his post in England.